300 Blackout, 147GR FMJ BT M80, Still American - 100 CT

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ConditionNew ManufacturerStill American PackagingBOX OF 100 Grains147GR ApplicationTarget
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Iam happy with my order all bullet look good had a bullet with one dent and the good part about that they gave 3 more round I will do a another comment after I have taken it to the range signing off for now but I love the service
I have purchased several time over the past year and shipping times were decent even during the height of the plandemic. As for 147 grain 300BLK, the ammo itself, performance was very consistent in every batch test batch I ran. No Failure to feed, or any malfunctions of any kind. Sub MOA at 50 feet, out of a factory 9 inch Saint Victor pistol. I was standing so thats not with a bench rest or bag. Plenty accurate for practice and Legal Self defense distances. Yes i realize that 50 feet isnt far at all so if your shooting 50 -200 yards on your farm your experience may be different and input of greater value. Im just reassuring all the people like me that intend to use this for practice and possible CQB SHTF defense situations that I vouch for it. For anyone new to the gun world please note that these bullets are FMJ and will penetrate walls and other barriers with ease so there are better/safer rounds out there if you have close neighbors. You are legally responsible for every bullet that leaves your barrel. Find some expanding ammo like Hornady 110 grain v-max for your defense mags. Zinc point runs some v-max batches once in a while so keep an eye out for them as well if you hunt or plan to use your 300blk as self defense. Have a great day.
Great service!
Keep AMERICA Great ????????
Received my order promptly, even being a large order. Had some concerns with the order however spoke to ZincPoints amazing customer service and that was solved quickly. He answered my concerns and even sent me a link to explain it better. Definitely recommend reaching out via social media with issues though, as they are very busy and can't always answer the phones! But I will definitely order from them again!
Package arrived promptly (3-4 days) after ordering. Shipping was a little expensive but I get it, hope the company can get it down just a little. No issues shooting, every round cycled perfectly. Will be buying more!
I was kinda leary, due to not ever hearing about this company. But I received my ammo very quick. It was at my door in 3 days. Thank you Zinkpoint. I will be ordering more ammo for sure.
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Find 300 blk ammo for sale at Zincpoint

This .300 blackout ammo is 147 grain, full metal jacket, and high quality. These bullets are American made and perfect for target practice. They are fully encased in brass, giving you a cleaner gun with a lower risk of jamming. Find 300 blk ammo for sale at Zincpoint.


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Still American
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