300 Blackout, 168 GR Sierra Matchking BT HP - 100 CT

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  • Still American 300 FMJ, 168 Gr 
  • Projectile: Sierra 168 Grain, FMJ (FULL METAL JACKET) Hollow Point
  • Application: Small game/ Range/Plinking
  • Quantity: 100
  • Made: 100% American Made

100% American Made, Still American 300, FMJ BT 168 grain Full Metal Jacketed , is designed for small game hunting 

Please be advised that due to Military Requirement the brass from Lake City Ammunition Plant has been annealed. If the cases are not annealed, they do not meet military specs. This does not mean the cases have been previously used. Unlike civilian rounds, the military requires visual proof of the annealing process. This process causes discoloration to the cases as well as additional durability.


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