300 Blackout, 150 GR Barnes XBT Hollow Point Hand Loaded - 30 CT

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Barnes started in 1932 and 87 years late The Barnes X Bullet were introduced, This ammunition is handloaded.

  • Still American 300 Blackout Hollow Point BT, 150 Grains
  • Cartridge: Lake city 
  • Projectile: HP (Hollow Point) Barnes XBT
  • Quantity: 30
  • Made: 100% American Made
  • Hollow Point Expansion

    This is the biggest advantage of hollow point ammunition. When it hits a target, the nose will open up like peeling a banana, which creates a larger surface area. If you hit a soft target, it expands on impact and sends that expanded bullet deep into the target, hopefully killing or incapacitating it instantly. This expansion can occur in various ways depending on the manufacturer of the bullet, and each popular ammo company has a huge variety of them for different intended uses.

100% American Made, Still American.


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