300 Blackout, 147 GR FMJ-BT - 100 CT

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These bullets are new and never fired however that discoloration comes from heat applied directly to the case neck and shoulder and it’s a normal part of the ammunition manufacturing process. This process is called annealing, and whether or not you can visibly see evidence of it on your new ammo, all bottleneck style brass rifle cases are annealed before being shipped to the customer

ConditionNEW Count100 ManufacturerStill American PackagingBULK PACKAGING Projectile147 FMJ-BT CartridgeBrass, annealed ApplicationTarget


The 300 Blackout cartridge (often referred to as 300 AAC, 300 AAC Blackout, 300 BLK or simply Blackout) has proven itself over the last decade to be an effective means for taking thin skinned game cartridge when used at ranges of 100 yards and in.


Package arrived promptly (3-4 days) after ordering. Shipping was a little expensive but I get it, hope the company can get it down just a little. No issues shooting, every round cycled perfectly. Will be buying more!
I was kinda leary, due to not ever hearing about this company. But I received my ammo very quick. It was at my door in 3 days. Thank you Zinkpoint. I will be ordering more ammo for sure.
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