300 BLACKOUT, 125 Grain FMJ - 100 CT

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These bullets are new and never fired however that discoloration comes from heat applied directly to the case neck and shoulder and it’s a normal part of the ammunition manufacturing process. This process is called annealing, and whether or not you can visibly see evidence of it on your new ammo, all bottleneck style brass rifle cases are annealed before being shipped to the customer

ConditionNEW Count100 ManufacturerStill American PackagingBOX OF 100 ProjectileFMJ CartridgeBrass, annealed ApplicationTarget



Just received and is beautiful ammo. Will order more. Thanks
Skeptical at first due to no manufacture of ammo listed. But after receiving the ammo looked fine and has a headstamp of AP. Which I believe is Armscor.
Too notch ammo, and fast shipping.
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