Handgun ammo

At $15/box (on Aug 2) for Hollow Points-, I thought it was a misprint, so I bought 10 boxes.
I've used Magtech ammo for years for range and carry without issues or problems, just couldn't pass up this deal. It's up a buck now at $16, but still almost $5-$10 cheaper than other dealers.
Seemed too good to be true and OH was I wrong!!!
Every order showed up krazy fast and well packaged. Even better, the ammo is top notch. Have ordered plenty and will continue to do so.
Best prices and service on the web, with NO FTF's, Son.
YES! I highly recommend Zincpoint and am NOT a paid endorser. Just be sure to insure your package. Trust me on this...
I was skeptical at first but decided to take a chance and see what I would get. I ordered on a Friday and by the next Wednesday I received my ammo. I couldn't be happier with the price and speed of shipping. I would recommend giving them a chance.
So far so good. 124 gr 1000 arrived within appropriate time frame and in good condition. 4 inner boxes were open and spilled contents. Outer box in good shape and contained the spilled ammo without issue. Provided 1010 rounds after count, So no shortage as reported by some. Seems each box had one extra. Noticed 3 different casing head stamps. Majority (929; TRN) same stamp. The two others ( STR and VNM ) made up remaining. With the reviews, I chose to separate them and will test fire each. Hope not to encounter similar bad reports. Will follow up with test results of all three casings. They were mixed in each box so I will assume all loaded at the same time with a mixed batch of casings. Overall for first time using this company I would recommend them. Will hold off ordering more until tests are completed. Until then good job so far! Good price and fast shipping.
You guys are great! Great ammo and best prices anywhere! Been buying bulk ammo for a couple years now and happy with every round. One complaint is why no 45acp??
I am about 200 rounds through my order of the Zinc Point 1000 round order. Could not be more pleased. Fine product was shipped quickly. Thanks for a fine product and excellent service.
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