When will more 7.62x39 be back in stock?
ZSR was great.
When is more 762x39 coming in this is my favorite ammo it's been reliable ammunition
I need more zsr 7.62x39
The Turkish ammo seems to be as good as the Russian ammo and it was at a great price. Zinc Point was a pleasure to do business with!
Got my ammo within a few days ,very happy with it thanks to the zinc point team for sending out my ammo out promptly
First time customer and I was very satisfied! The price was almost too good to be true for time. But it was legit and it delivered on time. Found a new place to buy from for sure!
Hello Julie,
Got shipment as you promised...excellent customer support...Thank you.
Friends had early Xmas when fired in their SKS...and asked if non-corrosive?
I told them that you confirmed all your ZSR ammo is non-corrosive.
Friends will buy when you have in-stock...Thanks again
Shipped the next day and received the same week. Made in Turkey and appears to be identical to Russian ammo, although I have not tested it at the range yet.
Fastest shipping I’ve seen in along time. Great looking ammo also. Thank You!
The order I placed absolutely was the fastest in the nation hands down including much larger ammo online stores....super services !!!!
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