.22 Long Rifle

copper plated 22 worked fine in my sensitive 22 victory magazines which do not like exposed lead wax bullets, ordered these for my buddy who does not have CC and his 22s like them. will purchase them again. had issues with computer ordering , nice lady called me back and took order. was concerned with shipping time (2 weeks) as i never bought from them , big name ammo/reloading companies are running behind
The rounds shoot great 400 for 5000 isn’t bad at .08 cents a round on this time of buying age
Very happy with this ammo and Zink point service, price and shipping. 100's of rounds through 2 different pistols without a problem of any kind.
Works great in everything we've tried shooting it with. Only a minor HicUp or two in a Class III in Full Auto but then it's a bit picky about ammo so I'd say this stuff is a deal. FWIW, not the most accurate I've fired but certainly not too bad. Wonderful for plinking, small game, etc. Even worked well in a couple reasonably short barreled pistols we tried.
This will be my 2nd purchase of this ammo. Worked perfect in Walther P22 Keltec CP33 Taurus Tx22. Good price, no tax, no CC fee,free shipping....shipped quick. What are you waiting for? BUY IT!!!
Great service. Great price. Ammo order at 6pm, on third day at 5pm the package was at my door step. Totally happy thusfar. Now need to get to the range.
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