Waiting on 7.62x51 to be in stock.
very good results with ammo
I have bought this ammo twice now. I have a Sig AR10 and this ammo shoots flawlessly. Winchester M80 stove pipes over and over but this Zinc Point ammo I have not had a single jamb. Good Quality ammo, quick shipping, good accuracy up to about 300-400 yards. After that I have to move up to the M118 LR (Lake City brass) stay away from Winchester.

Wish List for Zinc point. Please whip up your magic wand and start making 175 Sierra Match King Match bullets with Lake City Brass woot! Or if you know an equiv that is accurate as the M118 LR (Lake City) then I will definitely try it.

Thank you for making excellent quality ammo, I will be back.
Shoots great, no problems at all. In either my bolt action or AR10.
I recently treated myself to some range time and these rounds performed flawlessly. Talk about hard hitting with no failure to feed or eject. I will be ordering much more ammo in the future as my funds allow.
Ammo showed up in great condition and in a timely manner. I read some troubling reviews but I have to say none of those concerns were issues for me. Will order again!!
I have only shot some 40 rounds of this through my SCAR 17S so far. Talk about a hard hitting, accurate round. The steel was ringing loudly. Got to love the sound of Freedom. Thank you Zinc Point.
I purchased a new budget rifle $529, 18inch barrel. First rounds through the rifle were these. I could not be happier. Once I had my (budget $70) scope dialed in after 3 rounds I got 1moa or less groupings. Waiting for them to be available again to get some more.
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