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I bought 10K primers a few times and found them easy to seat, reliable, and as good a primer as any I have loaded. With the exception of a few delivery bumps, Zinc point has taken very consistent care of my primer needs. Also, get on their mailing list, they send out specials all the time and it will save you some $$.
Thanks Zinc Point!!
Bought 20,000 of these. Loaded up 100 and went to the range. 100% fit form and function.
These appear to be of good quality The price all considering not too bad. My only problem was with UPS .There was an issue with my zip code likely my big fat fingers created a heck of a mess with getting them. It might take a while before I trust the big brown truck again. The driver should really pay attention when a box is labeled EXPLOSIVE it should be heeded.
Nevertheless it is a great product had no issues using my redesigned auto prime and I am just grateful to be able to find them again.
Small primers worked well, however I did have a few that did not ignite. Overall, they are good for target shooting.
Primers got delivered within good time considering today's standard in delays. Will try in a couple of days and leave another review
Received the small pistol primers within on week of order. Have reloaded 1200 rounds with the small pistol primers and have shot 250. All 250 small pistol primers have functioned just fine. Shipped from Cleburne, Tx to Albuquerque, NM.
These are Real primers!
Took out a random primer from my order, loaded it into an empty .357 cartridge and POW! ????
Exploded as loud as my Winchester’s!

Expect 3-4 weeks delivery.
Expect to pay about twice the price.
Otherwise the f’n hoarders would buy them up!
That’s why all regularly priced primers are out of stock.
Personally I’m over the moon!
Wont be officially testing them until July 4th.
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