Rifle Ammo

I have ordered 3 x's and haven't had a single issue. Shoots great, and a major value for the $$. As matter of fact the bulk orders of 100 always have 2 - 3 extra pieces; bonus rounds - ha ha.

Dallas, TX
Over the past 8 years, our ammo has been sponsored and this year due to all that is going on I had to purchase most of it for our Ladies Hunting Camps, your site has worked very well for me, I don't have to worry when I order, Thank you and I will always turn your direction when I need to purchase, now if you only had 6.5 Creedmore!
Received my ammo today.Everything was correct as ordered.Service was fast. Glad i found this company who has ammo in stock and isnt charging a ridiculous amount of money for it. Will definitely recommend them and use again.
Received ammo in good condition. Small hiccup with UPS, but order was completed in good time. I would definitely recommend them, and I will be a repeat customer.
Love this place! When it states, "Next Day Delivery" they mean it! I placed my 100ct 168g 300bo ammo on a Thursday & got them the next Day, Friday! I hope these guys stay in stock. This is my little "Honey Hole" for all my Ammo needs now! My Rounds came loose in a clear bag as I expected. They look very clean & ready to rock. Now I just gotta re-zero the 300 again. I'll definitely be back!
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