Rifle Ammo

Bought a thousand rounds of 9mm, arrived within 2 days, no issues. Will report back once I’ve fired through a bunch :)
Put the wrong email address in so I never received a confirmation email so i kinda panicked but with outstanding customer service I spoke with some and three days later my thousand rounds were at my front door will probably be ordering more tonight thanks for being stand up something that’s very rare these days…
Order 800 rounds of the 556, and 1000 rounds of 9mm on Sunday order would have been there on friday but do to bad weather was delayed it came on Monday, totally not there fault. I will be ordering from here again. Good price and fast delivery. Thanks
Took about a week to receive, but was very pleased with the 7.62x51 nato ammo. Turned around and bought 1000rds more!
Skeptical on first order, but it arrived in 4 days, ammo looks great, shoots well, and the price is unbeatable. I highly recommend these guys!!
Excellent rounds for the price.. Free Fast Shipping! Will be ordering more..
I have a M1A scout squad 18” inch barrel and it will not shoot anything but the 168 gr m1a made by federal and sold under the name of American Eagle 168 gr M1A. The 149 gr is what was designed for the 308 AR or 7.62 X 51 AR. The difference is because of the rate of twist in the rifling. The M-24 5r bolt action military sniper rifle was designed to shoot the 175 gr Sierra bolt tail match and it will shoot hole for hole sub Mia at 100 yards. It does this because of the rate of twist. I have some Federal and Winchester. The federal is boxed and sold in their Gold Medal Match line. The Winchester is packaged in military boxes. Both use the Sierra 175 gr bolt tail match
I add an ammo issue. I commend Zincpoint's customer service. It was totally opposite from some of your past reviews. I was 100% satisfied with their understanding and prompt service.
customer service rep Julie was very helpful and did an awesome job. Thanks again Julie
Welp so far it’s okay had 1 dud small pistol primer out of 50. But let me make this very clear you CANNOT FIND small pistol primers right now. So because I had 1 bad one out of 50 that I have tried means nothing. At least Zink Point has them in stock I’ll definitely return with my findings as I go through the 2k that I purchased.
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